Mt. Pisgah Lutheran Church

Mt. Pisgah's Quilters Group

Mt. Pisgah's Quilters Group has 10 faithful members who meet on the first and third Thursdays of each month from 9 am to noon. We make pieced quilts from donated cotton fabrics using 6, or 10-inch squares (sometimes larger) and/or 2, 3, and 4-inch strips. Our quilts are finished by tying or in-line machine stitching, the latter or edged with binding. The larger quilts are delivered to the Orphan Grain Team, a Missouri Synod Lutheran charitable organization that serves U. S. citizens in need, disaster victims and those in need worldwide. The smaller quilts, "lap robes", are usually given to the Veterans Hospital in Asheville to distribute as needed to our veterans. We have also given lap robes to Hospice and several of our members. Last year we made 78 quilts total. We live to hang the finished quilts in the Fellowship Hall so you can see how nice they are. We also present them to be blessed at the Sunday service just before they are delivered.

If you would care to join us, there are 3 ways you can help: 1. Come to our meetings, 2. If you embroider, pick up one of the kits provided (in a small container in the Fellowship Hall), embroider the 6 inch squares and return them to Mikki Reinicker, Jan Tharp, or another of our members and we will build a quilt around them, and 3. Donate cotton fabric and/or medium weight batting or used blankets. These may be placed on the benches in the Fellowship Hall. We've been a Mission of the Month participant/benefactor, which is how we can purchase large quantities of batting. Come and see what we're all about, and if you machine sew, you'd be a welcome plus!